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Q:  What’s main business scope as Hotron did?

The proportion of mould make with injection mould/production is 60%;

The proportion of mould make with stamping mould/production is 30%;

The proportion of mould make with die-casting mould is 10%

Q:  How many peoples in Hotron?
We have about 80 people in our mould manufacture, injection shop & stamping shop.

Q:  What’s size of mould you can manufacture?
We can manufacture about 10 ton and 1.5m long plastic inject mould, die-casting mould and stamping mould.

Q:  How many moulds can you make per year and how many for being exported?
About 150~200 sets moulds per year of injection mould, and about 50% are exported to USA and European countries; 50~80 sets moulds of stamping mould but no for exporting.

Q:  What mould standard can you make? 
We can make both metric standard and imperial standard mould, according to customer’s requirement, such as HASCO, DME, MISUMI, PUNCH, FUTABA, etc.

Q:  What’s kind of steel do you usually use?
We usually use IMPAX718, ORVAR8407, STAVAY136, PX88, PAK80, P20, S-7, 420, H13, XW-10, XW-40, 2083, 2767, S136, SKD61, 6F7, etc, We also select the steel according to your requirement.

Q:  What’s kind of mould can you use?
We have rich experience in manufacturing these kinds of molds, such as made over mold, insert mold, double color mould, and high temperature mould.

Q:  Do you manufacture hot runner mold?
Yes, we manufacture hot runner molds and are familiar with many different systems such as DME, Moldmaster, Mastertip, Hasco, Yudo, Synventive, and Husky, etc; The manifold used for your tool is selected to meet as you need.

Q:  How many shifts do you operate every day?

CNC, EDM, Polishing Departments and injection & Stamping production departments, two shifts; Mould Shop depend on the emergency; the others are one shift.

Q:  How long is the lead-time  to build the mould?

All are depended on the mold's size, complexity and design. Usually, to produce out the first article sample is about 4~5 weeks.

Q:  Which field your products involved?
OA equipment, IT products, Automotive, Home appliance, Medical etc.


Q:  What’s your sales terms?
We could quote the price base on FOB at Shanghai port, or CIF term with near to customer‘s port, or DDUDDP door to door.

Q:  What’s type of CAD Files are acceptable for you ?
DXF, DWG, Pro, STEP, IGES formats are acceptable for us.

Q:  Can you explain your  terms of payment?

Moulds: 50% deposit with placing PO, 50% after sample approved for mass production,

Products: 50% deposit with placing PO, 50% before the products ready for delivery.